Willie Nelson Products


Willie’s Remedy infused teas combine the best of full-spectrum hemp extract with herbal infusions and tea for an ensemble that really sings. Our all-natural process ensures an even infusion and retains the delicious flavor of the tea.
Teas are infused at a ratio of 3.5 mg of hemp extract per 1 g of tea leaves, for ~ 10 mg serving of hemp per cup. Willie’s Remedy teas can be served hot or iced.


When Willie and Annie Nelson first tried hemp-infused coffee, it was love at first sip. They were so enamored with it, hemp-infused coffee became the flagship product of their hemp brand, Willie’s Remedy. Now it’s a staple backstage, on the bus, at the breakfast table and at the poker table. Hemp extract provides a balancing effect to coffee’s natural lift, while reducing acidity and coffee jitters—a perfect harmony of focus and calm and an ideal way to start the day.


People are different—and we love that! Willie’s Remedy supports those differences with a line of hemp-infused tinctures in five different infusion strengths from 250-5000 mg. We encourage daily hemp extract use and this allows the option to personalize dosing with different formulations. For people who want to take small doses daily, the 250 mg tincture requires little precision. For those looking to take higher dosages, the 2500 mg or 5000 mg infusion provides an alternative to multiple droppers under the tongue. Experiment and find what works uniquely for you!


Willie’s Remedy Soothing Balm is inspired by a recipe Annie Nelson created in her kitchen for Willie, his band and numerous friends. Now she’s sharing it with everyone. Carefully formulated with natural ingredients like nerolidol terpene, menthol and arnica that work together to enhance effectiveness, this soothing balm is excellent massaged or applied onto sore muscles or aching areas.